Leading fresh produce company markets its first crop of New Zealand-grown Afourer mandarins

Image: T&G Fresh

T&G Fresh, the New Zealand domestic arm of T&G Global, is extending its citrus offer with Afourer mandarins.

The Auckland-based company began marketing New Zealand-grown Afourers this week.

After its Satsuma mandarin season wrapped up in July, the Afourer crop opens up a new citrus supply window for T&G Fresh, with fruit to be available through the later months of the year.  

“It’s great to add the tasty Afourer mandarin into our wider citrus family,” said Rob Fisher, general manager of diversified crops at T&G Fresh. “By introducing a new variety, we can offer mandarins to our customers for most of the year, and we’ve now got a different tasting mandarin available in the warmer months leading up to summer.”

T&G Fresh invested in Afourer mandarin production in 2018, planting 20ha trees in Kerikeri.

The company hopes to distribute around 150 tonnes of Afourers this year, with volumes set to reach 500 tonnes by 2025.

“The Afourer is an exceptional mandarin, with a richer orange colour, and slightly sweeter taste than the Satsuma,” said Fisher. “It’s also seedless, and is super convenient as a nutritious snack and boasts a number of amazing health benefits.”