Aggregate properties including well-developed orchards, packing and grading shed, offices and amenities for sale 

One of the largest mango plantations in the Northern Territory, Cheeky Farms, is for sale. The significant horticultural aggregation is operated across four properties and includes 283ha of well-developed mango orchards.  

Colliers - Connelly-56

Cheeky Farms is one of the larget mango plantations in the Northern Territory

The operation is located approximately an hour from Darwin, across the Lambells Lagoon and Berry Springs regions, and includes further land in Marrakai ready for future expansion and diversification. Currently the orchards are predominantly planted with Kensington Pride and R2E2 mango varieties. 

In addition, the large-scale plantation includes significant water licences totalling 2,319ML per annum and water delivery infrastructure. Recent structural improvements include the construction of a 5,065m2 packing and grading shed, offices, amenities, and a concrete floor with approximately 280m2 of cool rooms.  

“Mangoes are the largest horticultural commodity in the Northern Territory. The Australian mango industry has recently gained expanded access to key Asian markets and the US with the removal of varietal restrictions on Australian mango exports,” said Colliers Agribusiness national director Duncan McCulloch. 

“Not only are Northern Territory mangoes attractive to export markets for their high quality and taste but also for being counter cyclical to major Northern Hemisphere producers.”