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A new collaboration is aiming to track the movement of every product from seedling to supermarket, providing what it says is the ultimate protection in the fight against food fraud while securing market access for New Zealand’s fresh food growers, processors and packers.

Danish software development company, Persequor, along with pioneer in trace technology iTrazo and international technology business, Facteon, have joined together to achieve total end-to-end traceability.

Facteon general manager, John Cochrane, explained every manufacturer in the fresh produce space has some degree of data archive. “Now is the time for the fresh food sector to make use of this data to secure the future of their businesses,” said Cochrane.

“We are seeing fresh food growers, processors and packers facing increasing pressure to provide the seedling to supermarket traceability required at border and retailer levels.

“While there are traceability and software systems for the fresh food space, the integration between systems is lacking. Facteon brings manufacturing expertise and IIoT connectivity to this partnership, providing much needed real-time information and supply chain connectivity,” he added.

With consumers demanding improved visibility over food origins, supermarkets and local governments are also requiring such visibility prior to admitting fresh food products into the market.

Ron Volpe, senior vice president of international markets at Persequor, said this collaboration was important for market access and consumer safety.

“The increasing globalisation of supply chains has made the traceability of fresh produce products far more complex. For that reason, we are seeing many manufacturers investing in IIoT traceability technologies and track and trace software to future-proof their businesses, ensure market access and demonstrate the level of compliance required by retailers globally,” said Volpe.

In addition to ensuring market access and consumer safety, manufacturers are also needing to take definitive actions to protect their brand in the market.

“This level of supply chain visibility is unprecedented. It is also best achieved by looking to other highly competitive, cost sensitive and automated industries. This is what motivated Facteon, Persequor and iTrazo to partner to bring this high impact solution to the fresh food space”, explained Reeanjou Ram, chief executive of iTrazo.

Facteon has successfully deployed its IIoT technology suite at the facilities of scaled manufacturers operating in Australasia, North America, China and Europe in the consumer goods, processed foods and bottling industries.

Cochrane explained it wasn’t just a matter of simply transplanting the technology. “Instead, it’s about taking these learnings to the fresh food space,” he explained.

“Facteon identified the need to establish partnerships with Persequor and iTrazo to bring this technology to a sector that needs it most. Persequor and iTrazo are pioneers in the fresh food traceability space. The opportunities for knowledge sharing are limitless,” said Cochrane.