Andrew Keaney

T&G Fresh’s managing director, Andrew Keaney, is the cover story interview for Produce Plus Summer

The Summer edition of Produce Plus is now available on the Produce Plus app. The final edition of the magazine for 2020 highlights how the Australasian fresh produce industry has absorbed, analysed and adapted to life amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

In our cover story interview, T&G Fresh’s managing director, Andrew Keaney, underlines how the integration of two leading businesses (Freshmax NZ and T&G Global) has given rise to a new force in the New Zealand market. Amalgamations are challenging at the best of times, yet T&G Fresh has delivered a seamless service to its growers and customers against the backdrop of a global health crisis.

At the consumer level, Covid-19 appears to be the catalyst for an uplift in pre-packed produce sales. In her regular guest column, Nielsen’s resident fresh expert Melanie Norris breaks down the demographics behind this shift, along with the potential it holds for online grocery shopping, another area of the business that has gained momentum over 2020.

It’s not just consumers that are heading online, with the global fresh produce trade throwing its support behind Asia Fruit Logistica ON in November. The Summer edition includes a full round-up of the digital event, which was attended by a large contingent of Australian and New Zealand companies.

Here at Produce Plus, we’ve also gone through something of a ‘digital revolution’ in 2020. While not directly linked to Covid-19, the launch of our app provides a new way to keep informed and enjoy our magazines. We look forward to doing the same again in 2021, along with celebrating ten years of Produce Plus!

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