Successful verification shipment paves way for Australian state’s growers to begin exporting

West Australian avocado growers have successfully shipped a verification shipment of Hass avocados to Thailand after gaining access in May.

Peak industry body Avocados Australia welcomed the news of the next step towards supplying the Asian market, and applauded all those involved in the shipment.

“I would like to thank the exporters and other key stakeholders for participating in the verification shipment to Thailand and for their professionalism in the way they approached the process,” said John Tyas, chief executive of Avocados Australia.

“Our access to Thailand rested on the success of this verification shipment so we are very grateful that the process went smoothly,” he said.

“I would also like to thank the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, the Western Australian Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, the Thailand Department of Agriculture, Amber Parr (Australian Agricultural Counsellor located in Bangkok) and her colleagues, and Hort Innovation.”

Thailand is a promising market for Western Australian avocado growers. In the 2022 calendar year Thailand imports were at 1,575 tonnes which were valued at A$12.28m. West Australian avocado growers and exporters see Thailand as a significant opportunity.

Ben Walker, marketing manager from grower-packer-exporter Delroy Orchards was very positive about Thailand market access. ”

We’re excited to be able to supply Thailand with Australian Avocados. Our quality, flavour and freshness will be appreciated by the Thai people who live a very healthy life and love good fresh fruit,” Walker said.

Avocado exporters, The Avocado Collective, also expressed similar sentiments about the opportunity the Thai market presents.

“The Avocado Collective team is very excited to have played a part in the verification shipment and Thailand market access gives our growers a wonderful option for exporting their avocados. So much work goes into these access protocols, so thank you to all who have participated.” said The Avocado Collective’s Sophie Cremasco.

Avocados Australia is planning a special launch at the Sukhothai Hotel in Bangkok on 27 September. The launch will celebrate Australian avocados and include cooking demonstrations.

This will be followed by business engagements with the support of the West Australian government and Austrade. Additionally, the plan for a comprehensive marketing campaign managed by Hort Innovation is in place including consumer-facing activities, store activations and social media. The industry intends to retain a strong presence in Thailand to support on-going marketing activities.

“The launch and various activities that are planned will provide participating Western Australian avocado growers and exporters with the chance to forge strong relationships with Thai market contacts and these initiatives will be the first of many we plan to organise in Thailand,” said Tyas.

“We look forward to making Australian avocados an important part of a healthy Thai diet.”