Australian Avocados partners with Luke Hines to launch Shepard avocado season  


Shepard avocados are available from early March to late April

To celebrate the upcoming Shepard avocado season commencing in March, Australian Avocados has partnered with chef and TV personality Luke Hines to develop a range of recipes incorporating the fruit.  

Hines’ recipes are easy to prepare, full of nutrients and will stay fresh all day. 

Hines said: “To ensure your food stays fresh all day long, you need to start with a solid base. My go-to is the Shepard Avocado as it’s super versatile and easy to incorporate in breakfast, lunch and dinner.”  

The recipes include Baja Shepard avocado wraps with aioli dipping sauce, Shepard avocados supergreens salad with charred greens and a Shepard avocado smoothie with tropical fruits. 

Michael Coulson, a Shepard avocado grower at Coolio Farms, said: “Shepard avocados are truly unique, versatile and a staple in many meals. Due to their unique nutty flavour and buttery texture, they are the perfect addition to salads, wraps and even smoothies.”   

Shepard Avocados are 100 per cent Australian grown and available from early March to late April.