First Australian-grown Ondine stonefruit exported to markets in Asia and the Middle East 

WA Farm Direct, in collaboration with Victorian grower Sunland Fresh Fruit, has announced the first export shipment of Ondine flat peaches and flat nectarines out of Australia has departed for international markets.  

Ondine first export_03.01.2024

 First export shipment of Ondine flat peaches and flat nectarines out of Australia

The Ondine series was originally developed in France by the Maillard family of ASF Edition. The first commercial volumes of Australian-grown fruit hit the domestic market in the 2021/22 season and were marketed as the perfect snack-sized stonefruit due to their unique shape. 

WA Farm Direct executive manager Rebecca Blackman said the fruit boast a balanced “semi-sweet” flavour and exhibit vibrantly coloured skin, coupled with a distinctive flat shape that sets them apart.  

“Ondine is perfectly positioned to capture new customers from the young families and gourmet snacking markets. Its size profile and unique flat shape make it an ideal snack,” she noted 

In addition to being a convenient snack, WA Farm Direct sees Ondine becoming a versatile ingredient for culinary enthusiasts.  

“Its sweet flavour and specific appearance will see Ondine becoming an in-demand ingredient in canapés and grazing platters,” said Blackman.  

Justin Shield, general manager of trading and business development said, only small volumes of Australian-gown Ondine will make its way to international markets this season.  

“WA Farm Direct is looking forward to working with our growers to open markets in Asia and the Middle East. While the first export season will see limited production, we look forward to establishing markets for the future as the volumes grow,” said Sheild