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First Argentinean cherries for CF Fresh

The first cherries of the season will be imported by air directly from Argentina to New York, Miami, and Los Angeles

First Argentinean cherries for CF Fresh

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US organic fruit importer CF Fresh is looking forward to the season’s first arrival of imported fresh organic cherries from Argentina.

The first shipments are expected to arrive by airfreight on Monday 28 November and will be offered for sale immediately, according to a press release from the company.

“There is a lot of anticipation building for these cherries. They are a sweet winter treat for consumers looking for something special around the holidays.” said Matt Roberts, sales manager for CF Fresh. “We are looking forward to a really positive reception and strong demand.”

The cherries will be shipped by air directly from Argentina to New York, Miami, and Los Angeles.

The fruit is grown in the Rio Negro region of Argentina, which is well known for the production of top quality tree fruits.

CF Fresh, which is a leading organic fruit marketer in the US, said this year’s crop of organic Bing cherries is sweet, dark red, and of excellent size.

Two sizes are available, Extra Large ranging from 26 to 28 mm and Jumbo ranging from 26-28mm.

The cherries are certified organic by Argencert and packed in 5kg (11 lb) masters containing 10 catch weight bags of just over 1 lb each.

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