Italy promotes pears in Russia and US


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Italy promotes pears in Russia and US

PeraItalia begins trial campaigns as part of new strategy to build new demand for the fruit in emerging markets

Italy promotes pears in Russia and US

The new PeraItalia six-packs are reminiscent of wine-carriers used in British supermarkets

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An Italian consortium aiming to introduce the country's unique Abate Fetel pear to consumers in emerging markets will take a major step forward in the coming weeks with the launch of test campaigns in Russia and the US.

PeraItalia, which was set up last year by a number of Italy's leading pear exporters, has spent the past few months setting up trial promotions with a number of retailers, according to commercial manager Gabriele Ferri.

At the beginning of March, the first containers of PeraItalia-branded fruit will be unloaded and promoted in selected retail chains for the entire month using in-store banners and hosted tastings.

"The marketing will focus on positioning Abate pears as a fruit that typifies Italy's great gastronomic tradition," Ferri explained.

"Thanks to a useful recipe book which we will distribute as part of the promotion, the pear will be presented as an ingredient for dishes and recipes that are typical of Italian cuisine."

Market tests will also take place in Russia, Ferri confirmed. "Russia represents another priority area in terms of developing the consortium," he explained. "From the start of March, PeraItalia will roll out special banners and in-store promotions in branches of a major retail chain, to see what impact Abate Fetel has on Russian consumers."

The group is also rolling out a trio of new pack designs reminiscent of the kind of flatpack cardboard wine carriers seen in British retailers. These will be used to present two, three and six pears in an innovative manner not seen before on supermarket shelves.

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