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BrimaPack to showcase FreshCast innovation

Packaging specialist BrimaPack will be debuting a new shelf-life extension product at this year’s United Fresh 2014

BrimaPack to showcase FreshCast innovation

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Fresh produce packaging company BrimaPack is set to highlight a new shelf life innovation at the upcoming United Fresh 2014 trade exhibition, in the form of FreshCast BF, a product that the group says can bring increased value to broccoli and cauliflower sales.

Nominated for the Fruit Logistica 2014 Innovation Award, FreshCast BF uses specially developed packaging film which, when combined with BrimaPack’s NicePack packing systems, can significantly increase product shelf life and freshness, helping in the process to reduce food wastage, Brima Pack explains.

Exclusively developed to increase the commercial life of broccoli and other brassicas, including cauliflower and cabbage, FreshCast BF can extend products’ shelf life by at least 5-8 days when maintained at 18°C (64.4°F).

Anti-fogging characteristics and a bright packaging design further enhance the image of the product being sold, ensuring it appears fresh and ready for cooking.

FreshCast BF is optimised for broccoli and other brassicas without expensive perforations and keeps the products fresh without the addition of chemicals or substances applied in the film to absorb ethylene released from the vegetable. In fact, the product achieves maximum shelf life extension in a completely natural way by creating an optimal atmosphere for broccoli storage and display.

As company director Ron van de Pavert explains, FreshCast BF can achieve a substantial reduction in packaging costs while improved product image and taste contribute towards lower distribution and recall costs.

FreshCast BF has been specially developed to be used with BrimaPack’s unique VePack 200-PHBR packaging machine and is available in three different widths – 550, 600 and 650mm – meaning that it can cater for all sizes and weight classes of broccoli.
Similar shelf life extension results have also been achieved by the company with cauliflower.

After already being nominated for Fruit Logistica’s 2014 Innovation Award, van de Pavert said BrimaPack was now ready to launch FreshCast BF in the North American market during its appearance at United Fresh 2014.

“We are already successful in Europe with this and we feel the time is right to also let the US and Canada benefit from this,” he said.

BrimaPack will be appearing at the trade event, which takes place at Chicago’s McCormick Place Convention Center from 10-13 June, at booth 1257 together with Ramsay Highlander, where it will be demonstrating how the extended shelf life packaging is applied.

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