Korea welcomes first Peruvian mangoes


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Korea welcomes first Peruvian mangoes

Peru expects to ship up to 300 tonnes to the Asian country between January and March

Korea welcomes first Peruvian mangoes

Photo: Andina

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The first shipment of mangoes of from northern Peru arrived in Seoul on Tuesday, less than two months after the approval of a phytosanitary protocol paving the way for Peruvian exports to South Korea.

The 1.5 tonne consignment was shipped by Piura-based Fresh Co and has been bought by AK Farm, which will be in charge of distribution to local supermarkets, Andina reported.

Peru’s ambassador to South Korea, Jaime Pomareda, took part in the quarantine and inspection process at Incheon International Airport.

This is thought to be the first load of a total of 300 tonnes expected to be shipped to South Korea through March.

The breakthrough had been achieved after three years of technical efforts from the country’s National Service of Agrarian Health (Senasa) and the Quarantine Agency of Animal and Plant Health (QIA).

Speaking at the Fruitnet Peru-Asia Export Forum which took place in Lima in November, Chang-Hwa Oh, president of leading Korean importer Jinwon Trading, said mangoes were becoming increasingly popular among Korean consumers.

He noted that while the country predominantly mostly yellow-skinned varieties from South East Asian suppliers, the popularity of red-skinned mangoes from Taiwan were a positive sign for Peru.

“If we can get red mangoes with good arrival condition during the winter months, I expect our market can take a few thousand tonnes of Peruvian mangoes,” he said.

Together with several other Asian importers, Oh took part in a field visit to key mango packer-exporters in Piura as part of the programme of activities included in the forum.


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