US eyeing Philippine's mangoes


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Carl Collen


US eyeing Philippine's mangoes

Growers in the Philippines are to be educated on modern farming techniques to prepare them for possible exports to the US

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The US is looking at the possibility of opening its market up to mangoes produced in the Philippines, the Asian country's Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) has reported.

Hernani Golez, program coordinator at BPI, said that US importers would only take on mangoes from the country if they pass the country's rigorous quality control checks.

In order to improve the chances of exporting, the BPI is set to conduct a series of surveys in mango producing regions of the country to educate growers and address pest problems.

"There will be a series of consultations and seminars with stakeholders to educate them on the proper way of growing mangoes and on modern techniques that will help them on their farms," Mr Golez told The Mindanao Examiner. "One of the US requirements is that mangoes should be free from pests such as see and pulp weevils, which are rampant on many farms in the country."





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