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Healthy outlook for organic food

Global organic food sales will continue to rise throughout 2017, with growth highest in the US, Canada and northern Europe

Healthy outlook for organic food

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Global sales of organic foods are expected to continue to rise in 2017, with most growth expected in North America and northern Europe, according to Organic Monitor.

Organic food sales in the US and Canada are this year predicted to surpass US$50bn for the first time ever, and the market share of organic foods is also expected to near 7-10 per cent in the US, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and neighbouring countries, the London-based research group said in its latest food sustainability report released this week (4 January).

But, with growth in organic farmland slowing, supply shortfalls are expected, it added.

Fairtrade will retain its position as the world's second largest eco-label for food products, however fragmentation will continue: more fair trade labels and standards are envisaged, Organic Monitor said.

Meanwhile, the market share of sustainable sourced ingredients is expected to rise. 

As food waste rises on the sustainability agenda, more food companies and retailers will make waste reduction pledges, the organisation predicted in its report. Food by-products will get greater recognition as a raw material and become a source of new products, it said.

The adoption rate of sustainable materials, such as bioplastics, in food packaging is also expected to rise in 2017. More natural and organic food companies are likely to adopt such materials as they look to reduce their packaging impacts, Organic Monitor said.

Organic Monitor is a specialist research, consulting and training company that focuses on the global organic and related product industries.

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