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Tech and science to the fore at Banana Congress

International conference in Miami will focus on key topics such as the application of technology and tackling TR4

Tech and science to the fore at Banana Congress

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Dones, remote sensoring and the latest on TR4 will all be key topics at this year's International Banana Congress.

The event, organised by Costa Rican banana corporation Corbana, takes place from 28-31 May in Miami and features over 30 speakers and 600 delegates looking at key issues for the global banana trade.

The application of remote sensoring tools, such as drones flying over banana plantations equipped with precision sensors that scan the land and spot anomalies, will be one technology in the spotlight as experts highlight ways of boosting banana productivity. 

“Remote sensors have been used in a piecemeal fashion in growing bananas," said Corbana Research Center director Jorge Sandoval. "However, development of permanent tasks is intended that contribute toward improved plantation productivity."  

The Banana Congress is also regarded as a meeting of international scientific experts who will address some of the big issues facing banana production today, alongside broader presentations looking at big-picture topics and the future of the industry.

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