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Carl Collen


Thursday 16th April 2020, 02:12 Central Time

Produce Moms' homeschool health kick

Inspired by animals’ consumption of fresh produce, The Produce Moms launches 'Eat produce like your favourite animal' series

Produce Moms' homeschool health kick

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In the US, Lori Taylor, CEO and founder of The Produce Moms, and her team have launched a new series this week geared to parents who are looking for content for their preschool and elementary school children while schools remain closed.

Because of the Covid-19 measures currently in place, the loss of proven nutrition-based interventions like school meals and salad bars means many kids are eating less fresh produce at home.

“Our followers asked us right away for more content that encourages children to eat fresh produce,” said Taylor, hence the creation of 'Eat produce like your favourite animal'.

The series includes an at-home education tie-in with activity sheets, virtual lesson plans for educators, interactive social media content, and simple at-home, nutrient-dense recipes loaded with fresh produce that families can create.

'Eat your fruits and veggies like the mighty brown bear' kicks off the curriculum and features a recipe designed for children and adults to enjoy making and eating, which is produce-centric and uses several of the brown bear’s fresh produce favourites including blackberries, spinach and sweet potatoes.

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