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Stepac in dual Berlin launch

Group unveils two new innovative packaging solutions ahead of Fruit Logistica 2015

Stepac in dual Berlin launch

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Packaging solutions specialist Stepac will show off two new additions to its Xtend range at this year's Fruit Logistica in Berlin, Germany, where it will once again be exhibiting.

These two new products are retail modified atmosphere packaging solutions for fresh cut vegetables, and bulk modified atmosphere packaging for table grapes without sulfur pads.

“The results of applying Xtend modified atmosphere packaging technology to prolong the shelf life of fresh cut vegetables is very exciting”, said StePac’s chief technology officer, Dr Gary Ward. “We are seeing great results and the unique qualities of Xtend fresh cut retail packaging allow it to outsell that of competitor packed fresh cut vegetables in Brazil and Argentina.”

Engineered to meet the specific conditions needed for each produce item, Xtend Fresh Cut retail packaging is available for a variety of cut and leafy vegetables.

Meanwhile, the specific climate  of the grape growing regions of Peru have given rise to the development of Xtend bulk modified atmosphere packaging exclusive for Peruvian grapes as an alternative to using sulfur pads during long term storage and transportation. “

"Peruvian grape growers stand to benefit greatly by using Xtend packaging instead of sulfur pads since it reduces the occurrence of fruit bleaching and stem dehydration during typical supply chains from Peru. We expect this to be received favourably, especially in light of calls to ban the use of sulfur pads,” added Ward.” The packaging is now successfully being used in commercial shipments from Peru.”

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