Delegation in Camposol facilities visit

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Delegation in Camposol facilities visit

Peruvian exporter welcomes visit from representatives of ETI, FNV and CGTP

Delegation in Camposol facilities visit

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Camposol has been visited by representatives of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), the Dutch Federation of Trade Unions (FNV, in Dutch) and the General Confederation of Peruvian Workers (CGTP, in Spanish), in a bid to spread the word of the group and its employees, as well as highlight its labour practices, its relations with its union organisations and the benefits its provides to its workers.

In return, the Peruvian group said it was pleased to receive a delegation with wide experience in labour, union and trade association matters from which it could draw experience from.

The visiting delegation was able to take in the main production processes of the company, as well as the new 1,200ha of blueberries, a crop that will continue providing more job and development opportunities to more than 15,000 Peruvians in the Chao and Virú areas of the country.

Furthermore, they had the opportunity to view the renewed dining room at the plant, which provides a feeding service to almost 4,000 employees at the industrial plant located in Chao.

On the other side, they visited the Rayito de Sol Wawa Wasi (daycare), one of the social responsibility programmes that provide children younger than four years old with comprehensive care and education. This Camposol programme is framed within its social and environmental responsibility policy, which has the development of women in all their areas as one of its cornerstones.

"We are proud that our labor force is made up in more than 40 per cent of women, whom we intend to provide the same development opportunities," the group noted.

The delegation visited the Marverde Real Estate project, which comprises the construction of 15,352 houses and, in its first state, will provide 698 houses to employees and the general public that acquire these houses though until March 2016.

The visit ended with a meeting where the representatives of FNV, ETI and CGTP, along with some union leaders and Camposol employees, participated in a dialogue dealing with the interested parties’ and employees’ concerns.

“The visit of these organisations and their direct interaction with our trade unions and employees show the transparence with which we are working and has been of much relevance, because we have been able to show that we, at Camposol, promote the respect for employees’ rights through our ethics and behavior code - the compliance regarding fair salaries, working hours, occupational safety and health measures, free right to union association, and equity, among others," noted Martín Merino, Camposol'a HR manager. "It also gives us the opportunity to receive feedback about good practices in the social dialogue field."

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