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SRCC loses key member

Erik Stroebel is moving to New Zealand in what is a loss for the SRCC executive team

SRCC loses key member

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Erik Stroebel, marketing manager at Sundays River Citrus Company (SRCC), is leaving South Africa to take a position in supply chain management in New Zealand.

Stroebel says although he will be leaving the fruit sector for now, he believes that he could still return sometime in the future. “It is a big opportunity and the decision was taken in the best interest of my family.”

SRCC is one of South Africa’s leading citrus packers and exporters and is one of the grower-owned citrus entities which is leading the charge in the expansion of citrus exports from South Africa.

“Although my journey in the fruit business ends here for now, it has been an amazing rollercoaster ride to say the least. It is typical of the fruit business with ups and downs, it is sometimes slow and then incredibly fast moving, with sharp unexpected turns. There are laughs and screams of joy, then again holding on for dear life, adrenalin packed, which usually ends with a big sigh of relief. You are thinking wow, is this over already? Let’s do it again!

"The fruit business has always had its challenges, and will continue to have, we just have to learn from every little hurdle and use the lessons learnt when the next one comes along."

He says he is certain that SRCC will continue to be the leading grower-packer-exporter of citrus from South Africa. 

“I was excited when I joined the organisation 2 seasons ago. It is a great company to be with and the Sunday’s River Valley and its people will have special memories for me and my family."

A successor to Mr Stroebel has not yet been announced.


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