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Gill McShane


Thursday 8th January 2009, 17:53 Hong Kong

New portal for Chilean info

The news site is designed to help Chilean industry members to make informed decisions and assist in the daily management of their business

New portal for Chilean info

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A new website providing centralized communication for the Chilean produce industry and valuable daily decision-making information is now available.

Serving as a comprehensive tool for anyone interested in the Chilean industry, is accessible free of charge with no need even to register, according to a press release from Yentzen Consulting in Chile.

“This new free web site is an on-line tool which gathers all the latest industry related news in one place,” said Gustavo Yentzen, president of Yentzen Consulting and creator of the site. “We wanted to make it easy for anyone involved in the Chilean industry to find the most current and complete news and trade information without having to search multiple places.”

Users can freely access daily updates of produce related news, as well as reports on market prices, economic market data, weather in every growing region, port information, on-line translation, a currency converter, and many other tools and data which will allow Chilean industry members to make informed decisions and assist in the daily management of their business.

 “This idea was born a year and a half ago, after we realized that in order to get needed daily information to run their business, executives and owners of growing and exporting companies had to visit many web sites and waste a lot of valuable time,” Mr Yentzen explains.  “Our mission is to facilitate the export business in Chile and this website fits right into that objective.”

Importers and other businesses in the US can reach growers and exporters in Chile through the website as well.  “They can list their information in our Supplier Directory or they can choose to post their own banner,” says Mr Yentzen.


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