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Friday 1st August 2008, 10:58 London

Flood hits Ukrainian crops

Ukrainian vegetables and root crops have been severely affected by the devastating floods that have hit the region

Flood hits Ukrainian crops

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In Ukraine, heavy rains that began last week in the southwestern Carpathian Mountains caused the Prut and Dniestr rivers to overflow, leaving many people dead and destroying countless crops.

Local farms have seen a significant portion of their potato and vegetable harvest damaged and many potato and other root crops are completely underwater, Fruit-Inform has reported.

According to farmers, even when the water is gone, it will be extremely difficult to save these crops, since the taste will be affected by the increased water content and even short-term storage will be impossible.

According to Fruit-Inform, estimates suggest that approximately 20-50 per cent of vegetable crops have been lost. In addition, the supply of fruits such as apricots, peaches, apples and pears has been greatly disrupted, since harvesting has been halted.

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