‘Watermelon’ plums in Morrisons

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‘Watermelon’ plums in Morrisons

Unique flesh makes new watermelon range stand out on UK retailer's shelves

‘Watermelon’ plums in Morrisons

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Morrisons is introducing a new range of plums called “Watermelons” as it looks to meet consumer demand for exotic new fruits.

The plum takes its name from its unique green skin and beetroot- coloured flesh. It can be eaten when it is both crisp and sweet, and has some subtle acidity. When ripe the “truly aromatic dark flesh simply melts in the mouth,” Morrisons said.

Watermelon plums are available for £5.49 (€6.59) per kg.

Following the mild winter, Morrisons is also introducing UK strawberries into its stores earlier than ever before.

The first pick are on sale now with a 227g punnet available for £3 (€3.60).

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Old Comments
  • Bought a pack of 6 plums on Friday at a Morrisons in Kent...unwrapped the film and immediately got a distinct smell of melon...deliciously sweet deep red flesh inside a skin a bit too thick to eat; ate two fresh and cooked the remaining four to serve with thick greek yogurt and honey - made a great looking and delicious desert - didn't need the honey!

    Maggie Hobson
  • I bought watermelon plums in morrisons, and my husband and myself absolutely love them, but can anyone tell me how many calories they have please

    Louise Davies
  • found out that they are 45 cals per 100g got info on tesco website as they are also selling watermelon plums there.

    cerrie andrews
  • Bought two packs of watermelon plums delicious went back four days later none in store and asked assistant ' he searched for fruit person unable to locate left store very dissappointed

    David Wilson
  • Just tried some watermelon plums from morrison's. They really are tasty. Other plums can't natch them. Difficulty is finding a morrisons that stock them!!

    d morgan

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