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Ilip completes r-PET system installation

Italian packaging group is ready to produce food packaging products made from 100 per cent recycled PET

Ilip completes r-PET system installation

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Ilip, one of Europe's leading players in the field of thermoformed plastic packaging for the food and fresh produce industries, has revealed that it can now begin producing packaging products made entirely from recycled PET suitable for direct food contact.

The company is the main division of Ilpa Group, which recently completed the installation of a recycled PET decontamination process.

This system, for which Ilpa received the approval from the European Food Safety Authority as far back as July, is a "necessary prerequisite for producing packaging products designed for direct food contact compliant with Regulation (EC) 282/2008," the group noted.

Ilip said the innovation represented a further guarantee of the safety of its materials and its recycled plastic containers for food products, as well as a step forward in the field of sustainable packaging.

The company, in fact, is one of the first in Europe to have implemented a closed-loop recycled PET process, whereby the recovery of these plastic materials is managed internally: from the washing and grinding of the post-consumer products, to the extrusion of r-PET material and the production of Ilip's new finished products.

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