New design for Brittany kale packs

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New design for Brittany kale packs

Prince de Bretagne invests in sachet-style packaging to boost sales of the fashionable brassica further this season

New design for Brittany kale packs

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French vegetable marketer Prince de Bretagne has unveiled a new design for its kale, as sales of the vegetable continue to grow.

Following two years in which the volume of kale in the European market has increased considerably, the company said the sachet-style presentation packs would require more time to assemble, but that the additional cost was worthwhile for a high-quality product enjoying strong sales growth.

It said it hoped the new packaging will enable it more effectively to inform consumers about kale’s nutritional properties and its Breton provenance, as well as offering simple and original recipe ideas.

“Prince de Bretagne producers have established strict specifications to ensure quality kale,” a spokesperson commented. “This new, fashionable cabbage demands a lot of time, with each leaf removed by hand, placed into the bouquet, slipped into its new cover and then placed in a wooden box.”

Harvesting of kale in Brittany begins in early autumn and continues throughout the winter.

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