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FLIA 2016 nominee: Harvest Automation

Hortiplan of the Netherlands offers hydro-culture technology for green lettuce

FLIA 2016 nominee: Harvest Automation

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Green lettuce can now be grown automatically with the Mobile Gully system and also harvested and packed by a new system from Dutch company Hortiplan – Harvest Automation.

Using Harvest Automation, plants are automatically lifted out of the seed rail and then cut, and then depending on the degree of automation, lettuce heads can also be packed directly into crates.

Tomatoes and other glasshouse vegetables have long been produced using hydro-culture, and with this breakthrough technology, similar methods are now available for leafy vegetables.

In response to increasing demand, hydro-culture production is now being expanded and prices are coming under pressure. Automation not only for sowing and cultivation, but also for harvesting and packaging, can help absorb some of these production costs.

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