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German appetite for Fairtrade bananas grows

The country’s import volume of the product rose by a third in 2015 to 68,000 tonnes

German appetite for Fairtrade bananas grows

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Fairtrade-certified bananas now make up one tenth of the market in Germany, according to the latest annual report released by Fairtrade Deutschland.

In the report, the organisation – which ensures stable prices and a social premium for certified growers – said volume was up 32 per cent in 2015 reaching a record of 68,000 tonnes.

Fairtrade Deutschland also emphasized that 100 per cent of its certified bananas were organic.

The group is part of the umbrella organisation Fairtrade International, which in a report published last year highlighted that by the end of 2014 there were 123 producer organisations in 11 countries that cultivated and sold fairtrade bananas.

The majority of these producers were located in Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Peru, while a total of 22,000 people were involved in the category as smallholder farmers.

In 2014, Fairtrade banana growers received €19m in social premiums.

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