Rijk Zwaan wary of Brexit impact

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Rijk Zwaan wary of Brexit impact

Brexit vote could lead to increased fresh produce costs and potential restrictions

Rijk Zwaan wary of Brexit impact

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Gerard van der Hut, UK country manager for Dutch seed specialist Rijk Zwaan, has reacted to last week's EU referendum vote by expressing long-term concerns over costs, trade restrictions and the movement of labour.

In the wake of the so-called 'Brexit' vote, van der Hut said that while many in the UK were "shocked and concerned" by the outcome of the vote, the industry would need to take time to work out all the implications and absorb the effects.

"This result will not take immediate effect as it will take two years to be fully implemented [the UK's exit from the EU], but this will cause two years of changes and disruption," he told Eurofruit.

"We are fearful of probable increased cost of fruit and vegetables, from imports to consumers, and also that European businesses based in the UK could possibly incur restrictions and increased costs," he added.

"Equally, concerns are there for the younger professionals and their ability to benefit from an open Europe, as well as foreign labour harvesting our daily food in the future."

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