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UK ‘must look outside EU for opportunity’

Theresa May has spoken of her determination to make Brexit a success at the first cabinet meeting since the Leave vote

UK ‘must look outside EU for opportunity’

PM Theresa May: Brexit means Brexit 

Credit Flickr/Policy Exchange

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Prime minister Theresa May has said the UK must look at opportunities outside the EU and reiterated there will be no second referendum in a speech made today (31 August).

May, who was speaking at a high-level meeting of cabinet ministers at her country residence, insisted that Britain will “make a success” of Brexit, and once again stated that “Brexit means Brexit”.

Speaking of the agenda for the meeting, she said: “We will have an update on Brexit; we’ll be looking at the next steps that we need to take, and we’ll also be looking at the opportunities that are now open to us as we forge a new role for the UK in the world.

“We must continue to be very clear that 'Brexit means Brexit', that we’re going to make a success of it. That means there’s no second referendum; no attempts to sort of stay in the EU by the back door; that we’re actually going to deliver on this.”

May said Britain has the opportunity to “forge a new positive role for the UK in the world”, and outlined social reform and increased productivity as areas she will focus on.

Talks to leave the EU will not begin this year, she said. She has previously said that the government will not trigger Article 50, and the start of the UK’s exit, until the start of 2017 at the earliest.

The BBC has reported May had asked every minister to identify "opportunities" for their departments and they will now be expected to report back.


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