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Eosta launches Health Wonders

The Dutch organics specialistís new nutrient-rich root range is focused on health, with pillbox-style packaging illustrating the point

Eosta launches Health Wonders

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Dutch organics specialist Eosta has announced the launch of Health Wonders, a new range of nutrition-rich roots to be made available in supermarkets and natural food stores throughout Europe, including in Germany, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Italy and France.

The range includes a number of roots that deliver highly positive health benefits but are less well known, such as turmeric, ginger and ginseng.

The entire Health Wonders range, under the slogan ‘Back to your Roots’, is sold in pillbox-style packaging in order to demonstrate the range’s considerable health benefits.

Eosta CEO Volkert Engelsman said that the pharmaceutical industry had dominated the domain of health for years, with such companies focused more on making money than helping people.

“The wisdom behind Health Wonders has been around for thousands of year and most consumers realise that their wellbeing depends on good food, so under the slogan, ‘Back to your Roots’, we decided to introduce this range of products,” he said.

The first product to be marketed will be turmeric, accompanied by a campaign asking, “Do you also suffer from Big Pharma? Well maybe you should consider going to the grocer for some turmeric”.

“The roots will be sold in a little pill pack – as you would buy medicines – and will include a little, light-hearted folder with the ‘side effects’, such as consuming turmeric will give you yellow fingers,” said Engelsman. “Or if you take the whole issue of pills and alcohol, well, we encourage a good glass of wine while enjoying a nice meal with turmeric.”

The Health Wonders range will be unveiled at next month’s Fruit Logistica exhibition in Berlin, where three actors are set to perform a sketch at the stand of Eosta and Nature & More. 

“This has enormous potential both in health terms and commercially,” Engelsman said of the range. “This potential has been ignored by the fresh produce sector for too long and we want to change that.”

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