Bicolored campaign offers tasting chance

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Bicolored campaign offers tasting chance

European apples were sampled at a recent reception organised by the Polish Embassy in Abu Dhabi

Bicolored campaign offers tasting chance

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European apples were on show at a reception organised by the Polish ambassador in Abu Dhabi on 3 May, where guests were able to sample a mixture of different sweet-and-sour-tasting varieties.

In recent years, European producers of bicoloured apples, including Polish-grown fruit, have offered their fruit to UAE customers, according to Waldemar Zolcik, the president of the Association of Polish Fruit and Vegetable Distributors (Fruit Union).

Since 2014, a promotional and informational campaign featuring European bicolored apples has been running in the UAE. The campaign is mainly aimed at promoting bicolored apples varieties and their unique taste.

Each of the different varieties of bicolored apples, including Gala, Red Jonaprince, Golden Delicious, Idared, Champion, Ligol, Jonagored, Najdared or Gloster, has its own specific taste, skin colour and flesh, but all have one thing in common – a mixed sweet and sour taste, achieved thanks to the unique climate in which the apples are grown.

"During the past years, we have been meeting our client requirements, said Zolcik, "and as a consequence, we as suppliers can meet UAE market standards. On the other hand, our clients can discover, appreciate and choose our apples."

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