Carrefour goes for Marketplace feel

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Carrefour goes for Marketplace feel

Retailer deploys Polymer's 'wood-look' crate in its two new store formats

Carrefour goes for Marketplace feel

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Carrefour has launched two new store formats in Italy, both of which are utilising the 'wood-look' style Marketplace crates developed by Polymer Logistics.

The move falls in line with retailer efforts to create stores that exceed shopper expectations for freshness and convenience, value pricing, healthy eating choices and locally sourced products.

Carrefour launched the two new retail formats, Market Attrazione 2.0 and Express 3 Minuti, in Pomezia (Lazio) and Genova respectively.

The Marketplace crate is designed to evoke a farm-fresh ambience that is proven to help boost sales in all formats.

The durable, standardised containers from Polymer also contribute to reducing both product loss as well as supply chain logistical costs, thus enabling retailers to compete successfully in both convenience and value pricing environments alike.

“We are delighted to support Carrefour’s development of innovative store formats with the Marketplace crate," explained Gian Paolo Mezzanotte, managing director at Polymer Logistics. "Its acceptance at Market Attrazione 2.0 and Carrefour Express 3 Minuti stores demonstrates how the Marketplace crate can play a crucial role in helping retailers deliver on their vision for the future.”

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