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Smartphones helping shoppers save

Survey shows a growing number of shoppers are turning to their smartphones to find the best deals on their groceries

Smartphones helping shoppers save

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European shoppers are relying increasingly on their smartphones to help them save money on their grocery bill.

According to a survey by IRI, the big data and technology expert for consumer industries, the growing use of the internet, particularly via smartphones, is helping shoppers to find information on promotions and offers that will help them reduce the cost of their grocery shop.

The survey, which was conducted among shoppers in seven European countries, found that more than one-third of them are using a mobile application to find information online – mainly about a product’s features and the best offers – either before or while they shop.

Of these, 65 per cent claim they are saving money with their efforts.

The majority of shoppers are looking for deals on higher price items such as make-up and laundry products which can provide them with more discount per item.

While 37 per cent of people are looking to save money with in-store promotions and offers, 22 per cent of shoppers are looking for information on which store has the best deals that day or week. A further 38 per cent of shoppers are searching for product ingredients and usage.

Livio Martucci, director at IRI and analyst of the survey said: “There is clear evidence that shoppers are carefully planning what they buy to save money as well as ensure that they are buying the healthier food options that they desire.

“Increased demand for healthier food options such as vegan or gluten free and concern about food provenance is clearly of key importance for Infoseekers. Further, they may also be looking to reduce waste for cost and environmental issues.”

Most shoppers (84 per cent) prepare a list (with 1 in 10 using their smartphone) to help them obtain savings.

The majority say they check what they need at home while preparing a list, but more than a third (35 per cent) are reading in store leaflets or offers.

The survey showed that 10 per cent of shoppers across Europe write their list on a digital device, while 11 per cent are impulse shoppers and do nothing to prepare their grocery shopping.

According to the survey, 34 per cent of European grocery shoppers have visited the internet for their grocery shopping at least once in the last year, alongside other channels.

Just 21 per cent of shoppers said they were likely to buy online in the future, while 37 per cent said they were unlikely to buy online.

More than half of shoppers still prefer to see and touch products in store rather than shop online, while 28 per cent believe that it is easier to compare prices in store as well.

Livio Martucci said: “Shoppers are saying that they still prefer to be in store to see and touch products. There is a big opportunity for retailers to improve the physical experience in store and help shoppers to locate the best offers.

“ Further, online retailers might consider making changes that make it easier for Internet users to compare prices, find promotions and new product launches.”


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