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Snackamolé launches in UK

Healthy avocado snack, which includes chips for dipping, wins listings in Co-op, Budgens, Londis and Nisa

Snackamolé launches in UK

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A new on-the-go avocado snack has been launched in the UK.

Snackamolé, which creator Born Tasty describes as the first pure avocado snack of its kind, is made using premium, ethically-sourced Hass avocados and has a squeeze of lime to add "a touch of piquancy to the ultra-creamy flavour".

The product is produced in Mexico using the high-pressure processing (HPP) method, a cold-pasteurisation technique that subjects the fruit to water-transmitted pressure that is equivalent to subjecting it to an ocean depth of 37 miles.

The method is said to eliminate microorganisms and the enzymes that cause the avocado flesh to brown, and enables it to retain the unique flavour of the fruit and its nutrients.

Snackamolé has an unopened shelf life of 35 days and is vegan-friendly. The 100g tub contains one of your five a day and comes with a pack of low-fat popped chickpea and potato chips, which are made in England. The snack contains 262 calories.

The new product has been listed in 270 Co-op stores, as well as in Budgens, Londis and Nisa, and the company has also released a Snackamolé guacamole dip, containing 224 calories for the dip and chips.

Richard Lakeman, sales and marketing manager at Born Tasty, said: “The love for avocados in the UK shows no sign of slowing down and we are confident Snackamolé will feed this growing appetite. There is nothing else like it on the market and feedback during our extensive market research has been overwhelmingly positive. People love the convenience - instead of peeling, chopping and crushing, all you have to do is peel the lid.

“Unlike many avocado-based products available in the supermarket chiller aisle, Snackamolé is pure fruit and not bulked out with mayonnaise, making it healthier and tastier.

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