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MSC picks up Primeline containers

Record order of 5,000 containers leased through SeaCube and equipped with Carrier Transicold Primeline refrigeration units

MSC picks up Primeline containers

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Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) has revealed that it is expanding its fleet with a record-setting order of 5,000 refrigerated containers equipped with Carrier Transicold’s Xtendfresh atmosphere control technology, as part of a larger order.

The Xtendfresh-equipped containers are being leased through SeaCube Containers.

“By adding atmosphere control for selected perishable cargoes, we are enhancing the care we provide for the valuable commodities we ship for our customers,” said Giuseppe Prudente, chief logistics officer at MSC. “Xtendfresh technology enables MSC to transport fruit and other refrigerated cargo over longer distances, creating tremendous new opportunities for exporters and importers.”

The Xtendfresh system manages oxygen and carbon dioxide levels within refrigerated containers and removes ethylene, thus slowing the ripening of produce and helping to preserve its quality beyond what can be achieved by refrigeration alone.

In use, the Xtendfresh system’s patented, self-regenerating activated-carbon scrubber assembly captures carbon dioxide and ethylene, a hormone given off by ripening produce that can accelerate ripening if left unchecked.

As perishable cargo consumes oxygen, on-demand fresh-air ventilation automatically maintains the optimum level inside the container.

MSC’s order is the largest for the Xtendfresh option since the system was introduced in 2013, and it represents a significant step in the growing trend among shipping lines to provide controlled-atmosphere technology for the benefit of their customers, according to Willy Yeo, director, marketing, global container refrigeration at Carrier Transicold.

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