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Maersk delays North America-Med rise

Shipping group Maersk Line aims to simplify tariff changes by combining them with the altered bunker adjustment factor on 1 July

Maersk delays North America-Med rise

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Maersk Line has announced that proposed rate increases on trade between North America-Mediterranean/North Africa will now come into force on 1 July instead of the original date of 15 June.

According to the group, the move is designed to allow the increase to come into force at the same time as the bunker adjustment factor, simplifying tariff and contract maintenance and reducing complexities for customers.

"The increase is also a reflection of market developments that have created equipment shortages in some regions and delays onshore, as well as the tightening of available ocean capacity, the group said in a statement. "This rate increase is necessary to continue to operate our services with the high level of reliability our customers have come to expect from Maersk Line."

The increase applies from all origin points in the US and Canada to all destinations in the Mediterranean and North Africa, on dry cargo only.

Rate changes are as follows:

- US$120 per 20ft dry container
- US$200 per 40ft container/high cube/45ft container

the group has also announced that it will begin increasing rates on inland haulage locations during the coming months, to ensure inland costs are "fully recovered".

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