New PO for German potatoes

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New PO for German potatoes

With support from the CMA and regional authorities, producers in the German region of Pfalz have formed a new producer group

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In what the United Nations has designated as the International Year of the Potato, producers in the German region of Pfalz have formed a new producer organisation which they hope will raise awareness of the region's tubers among consumers.

The formation of the Pfälzische Früh-, Speise, und Veredlungskartoffel-Erzeugergemeinschaf was officially announced this week in Fußgönheim near Ludwigshafen, heralding Pfalz's very own Year of the Potato.

Supporting the launch were German agricultural marketing body CMA and the Rheinland-Pfalz Ministry of Economic Affairs, Transport, Agriculture and Viticulture.

"The event was aimed at increasing consumer demand for potatoes from the region, and I think we have succeeded," said Roland Brähler, regional manager of the CMA.

Television chef Sarah Wiener was on hand to explain some of the ways in which the region's potatoes can be used. A special exhibition at the Fußgönheim Potato Museum is also being held to coincide with the launch.

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