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EC marketing funds in detail

Commission gives its backing to seven promotional programmes aimed at increasing fresh produce consumption

EC marketing funds in detail

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The European Commission last week approved some 27 separate marketing programmes designed to promote agricultural products in the EU and third countries.

Fepex reported that, of these 27 programmes, seven are linked to fresh fruit and vegetables, including those in France, Italy, Greece, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Poland, all of which will benefit from EU funding.

These seven programmes will receive a total of €11.5m in EU funding, representing a total of 30 per cent of the €38.9m which the Commission is contributing to the 27 approved programmes.

In France, Interfel has had a domestic promotional initiative approved at a cost of €6.2m, of which half will be funded by the EU.

Similarly, Austria, Greece and Germany's proposals are aimed at increasing consumption in their own markets.

Austria's budget is €4.2m, of which €2.1m will be financed by the EU, while the Greek budget is €2.23m (€1.33m EU) and Germany will have €600,000, with €300,000 coming from the European body.

The Netherlands and Poland, meanwhile, will target both their domestic and overseas markets for fresh produce. The Dutch campaign will also take place in Germany and the UK, while Poland's scheme will look at Sweden, Finland, Austria and the Czech Republic.

The Dutch prgramme comes at a cost of €2.1m, with the Polish programme valued at €3.99m.

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