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Stonefruit firms ask consumers for help

Producers in the Italian region of Romagna are calling on people to eat at least one peach or nectarine a day this summer

Stonefruit firms ask consumers for help

Italian peach and nectarine suppliers face major competition, not just from each other but from Spanish and Greek producers

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A major campaign backed by peach and nectarine producers in the Italian region of Romagna is appealing to every consumer in Italy to eat at least one piece of the fruit each day this summer, something which marketers say will help rescue a difficult season.

Due to get underway this weekend with a series of 10 prime time adverts booked on Radio Rai until 5 August, the three-week campaign is aiming to reach around 40m consumers, calling on them to support an industry that is estimated by marketing agency CSO to employ around 100,000 people.

“By eating at least one Romagna peach or nectarine a day, you will help us to defend our work and territory, and it will benefit your health,” said a spokesperson for the agency, which is running the campaign on behalf of nine leading suppliers.

Those nine – Agrintesa, Apofruit, EurOPfruit, La Buona Frutta, Il Frutteto, Granfrutta Zani, Minguzzi, Naturitalia and Orogel Fresco – account for around 60 per cent of the region’s entire peach and nectarine crop.

Advertisements will also be placed in Italy’s national newspapers and on various social media networks, focusing on the pride, passion and determination that Romagna growers embody as the country’s original fruit producers.

For many of Italy’s stonefruit producers, this season is shaping up to be yet another highly problematic one, with too much fruit in the market and, as a result, prices often well below the cost of production.

Competition from lower-cost producers in countries such as Greece and Spain continues to make life difficult, especially on major export markets such as Germany, the UK and Nordic countries.

“This year the situation is unsustainable and the producers, organised through the Tavolo Ortofrutticolo Romagnolo, want to make consumers aware of the gravity of the situation and invite them to discover and enjoy their excellent products,” the CSO spokesperson added.

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