Perfect Match for Australian Avocados

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Perfect Match for Australian Avocados

Marketing programme encourages consumers to use avocados in non-traditional ways

Perfect Match for Australian Avocados

Custom-made miniature sets were built to look like a restaurant, café and bar 

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In an age where dating is dictated by mobile apps and websites, finding the perfect match is literally the click of a button away.

The same can now be said for finding new ways to incorporate avocados into daily diets, thanks to a promotional campaign from Horticulture Innovation Australia (Hort Innovation).

Dubbed ‘Perfect Match’, the video-based marketing push centres on an avocado going on first dates with a string of potential suitors, including chocolate, chicken, trout and haloumi. To create the date scenes, custom-made miniature sets were intricately styled to look like a restaurant, café and bar.

Through a series of jokes and puns, the videos brought the realities of an awkward first date to life. The four 30-second short videos were aired on social media channels for Hort Innovation's consumer brand Australian Avocados over a four-week period from mid-February. At the end of each video a recipe incorporating the avocado and its potential match is revealed.

The campaign was developed after consumer research conducted by Hort Innovation uncovered a lack of motivation for consumers to use avocados in non-traditional ways - beyond guacamole and toast.

“The main objective of the campaign was to expand consumer knowledge about how avocados can be used and the key foods that they can be paired with – some of which are not normally thought of by consumers,” Hort Innovation explained in its monthly newsletter Talking Avocados. “The campaign gave avocados an identity that people could relate to and most importantly, be entertained by.”

The videos were developed in collaboration with creative agency, Ikon Communications, and production company, The Precinct.

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