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Nuts could help men struggling to 'keep up'

New study backed by International Nut & Dried Fruit Council suggests eating nuts could boost male erectile function

Nuts could help men struggling to 'keep up'

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Forget viagra, it turns out the solution to male erectile dysfunction may lie in your nuts.

A new study published in the journal Nutrients and supported by industry association the International Nut & Dried Fruit Council has suggested that consuming 60g per day of nuts can lead to a "significant increase" in erectile function.

During the 14-week trial, forty-three healthy males aged between 18-35 were given a typical Western-style diet supplemented with 60g per day of raw mixed nuts – including 30g of walnuts, 15g of almonds and 15g of hazelnuts.

A further forty participants assigned to a control group ate the same Western-style diet, but avoided nut consumption.

In both groups, levels of nitric oxide and e-selectin, both bio-markers of erectile endothelial function, were measured.

Participants also completed a questionnaire formulated according to the International Index of Erectile Function.

Researchers analysing that feedback said they observed a significant increase in some of the erectile function parameters in the nut-supplemented group.

The study, conducted by Dr Albert Salas-Huetos and led by Dr Mònica Bulló from Rovira i Virgili University in Spain, concluded that a Western-style diet supplemented with mixed nuts may help to improve erectile function.

“This is the largest randomized clinical trial to date analyzing the effect of nut supplementation on erectile and sexual function in subjects without erectile dysfunction,” Bulló commented.

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