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Pacific Atlantic, a supplier of packaging and environmental products for distributors, wholesalers and retailers, has announced the launch of a new range of flexible packaging that it has said could increase the shelf-life of bananas by up to 10 days.

According to the group, the new packaging bags absorb the release of gasses and ensure that bananas stay fresh for up to 10 days, slowing the natural ageing process and helping to prevent the formation of moisture and bacteria.

'The bags can be re-used six times and each time they will ensure that bananas stay yellow, fresh and tasty,' a company spokesperson noted. 'Bananas are a real problem to keep fresh at home and this concept will allow the consumer to place bananas into the bag without the worry that they will not be edible after a few days.'

Each bag has a 'punch-out' indicator so the consumer knows how many times they have been used, and when to stop using them, with a long-term aim of reducing unnecessary food waste.

In addition, Pacific Atlantic is also in discussion to develop a range of protective transit packaging for within the supply chain.