Successful HortiRoad2India trade mission strengthens relations and explores high-tech collaborations in Indian horticulture

HortiRoad2India trade mission visits a greenhouse

HortiRoad2India trade mission visits a greenhouse

Dutch Greenhouse Delta (DGD) has hailed the benefits of its successful HortiRoad2India trade mission.

Organised by DGD, InnovationQuarter, the Netherlands Embassy in India, and Rotterdam Partners and held at the end of April 2023, the mission was filled with fruitful field visits, meetings, and matchmaking sessions, highlighting the potential of the Indian market and the importance of high-tech solutions.

DGD, which markets Dutch greenhouse horticulture technology worldwide, said the cluster of Dutch visitors were able to seize valuable opportunities to promote the Dutch horticulture sector and establish collaborations with Indian partners.

“The results of the trade mission have contributed to strengthening the bilateral trade relations between the Netherlands and India, showcasing how Dutch expertise in greenhouse construction and horticultural technology can contribute to the further development of the Indian horticulture sector,” DGD said in a release.

“The mission also served as an educational experience for the Dutch cluster, highlighting the need for integrated total solutions to contribute to the region’s economic growth and stability. The high-tech side of Indian horticulture exceeded expectations, affirming the importance of engaging with the right partners.”

As a result of the trade mission the cluster established many new partnerships with stakeholders in the industry and reconnected with existing relations.

“Concrete progress has already been made through agreements between cluster members and growers to upgrade existing acreage or develop new facilities. Additionally, the focus is shifting from network building to network utilisation; developing business cases and exploring new business models and export opportunities in collaboration with the cluster,” DGD said.

There are already plans in place for an incoming mission to the Netherlands in June with DGD inviting Indian retailers, investors, AgTech firms, modern growers and the hospitality and food service sector to visit the Netherlands and see first-hand how Dutch technology is profitably applicable to the Indian context.

Additionally, plans are underway for a return visit to India later in 2023 to continue building partnerships and explore the opportunities within India’s metropolitan areas and the collaboration between India and the UAE.