Golden bay fruit Cherish apple

New Zealand-headquartered Golden Bay Fruit (GBF) has launched a new brand concept in China for its Cherish apples.

This new concept has been specifically designed for the Chinese market and will promote help the apple to consumers through online and offline channels.

Wendy Cai, regional commercial manager of GBF, said the new concept eminated from the variety’s existing brand identity and it includes a newly-created, eco-friendly eight-pack retail box designed to tap in with consumers' desire to share the fruit with family and friends.

“To highlight the Cherish tagline ‘Feel the love’, we developed a new Cherish brand concept specially customised for the China market,” said Cai. “It is a perfect way to create more occasions to enjoy eating Cherish.”

According to Cai the variety has already resonated with consumers and the addition of a new brand concept is set to further grow consumer engagement.

“So far, Cherish has been strongly recognised by its distinctive beautiful appearance,” Cai explained.

“We will continue the Cherish expansion to engage more consumers across multiple channels so everybody can taste this wonderful apple.”

The multi-channel approach has been key to GBF’s success this season, it launched with major e-commerce platforms in China during May, following the onset of Covid-19.

GBF said feedback was positive with consumers expressing pleasant surprise at the appearance and taste of the apple.

To complete the 2020 campaign, GBF has developed in-store activities focused more on displays and point-of-sale material than usual to capture the attention of the consumers while social distancing is still recommended.