Leading nurseries sign second agreement to accelerate avocado propagation in India

Israel’s Haskelberg and Indian company IG Deccan have signed an agreement to deepen their partnership to collaborate and propagate avocado plants together in India.

Haskelberg CEO Udi Haskelberg (centre) with IG Deccan directors Tarun Arora (left) and Sanjay Arora (right)

Haskelberg CEO Udi Haskelberg (centre) with IG Deccan directors Tarun Arora (left) and Sanjay Arora (right)

The two nurseries, which first announced their partnership in April this year, said they would focus on collaborative research and the introduction of new varieties and rootstocks specifically tailored to India’s unique climatic conditions.

“This strategic expansion aims to propagate larger quantities of avocado plants, drawing on the strengths of Haskelberg’s world-class expertise and IG Deccan’s unmatched local knowledge,” said the companies in a joint press release. “The commitment underscores the joint aspiration to diversify crops, thereby heralding a potential game-changer for the Indian agricultural sector.”

Haskelberg Nurseries, a leading supplier of avocado and fruit tree seedlings for Israeli agriculture, exports plant material worldwide as well as sharing expertise and growing technologies with global nurseries and orchards. CEO Udi Haskelberg said the agreement with IG Deccan underlined Haskelberg’s commitment to India, where it sees exciting opportunities for avocados as a fast-emerging crop.

“Our reinforced partnership with IG Deccan extends beyond just business. We are forging pathways for advanced research, aspiring to introduce avocado rootstocks and varieties that have the potential to thrive with the Indian climate conditions,” he commented.

Dr Srinivas Rao, director of IG Deccan, said the partnership would deliver significant benefits for Indian farmers while boosting the nation’s agriculture sector as a whole.

“This collaboration embodies our shared vision,” Rao said. “Through our joint research endeavours, we aim to empower Indian farmers in the avocado business, diversifying crops and ensuring sustainable profitability.”

The partners said they are also aiming to “revolutionise the avocado experience for Indian consumers” by venturing into new territories and exploring cutting-edge varieties.