Government to assist horticultural businesses in effort to boost exports

Mangosteen is one of Indonesia's top fruit exports

Mangosteen is one of Indonesia’s top fruit exports

Indonesia’s trade minister Zulkifli Hasan has said the government will provide support to entrepreneurs as part of efforts to increase the country’s horticultural exports.

According to a report from Antara News, Hasan said lifting exports would benefit the economy and wider horticultural industry.

“The government, entrepreneurs, and people are one unity. If our farmers and entrepreneurs are successful, exports will increase, and it will be the success of the Trade Ministry as well,” he said as he visited pineapple, banana, and coffee growers in early March.

On his tour, Hasan said assistance must be provided to exporters to help them overcome barriers in destination countries, through mechanisms such as trade agreements.

“The government’s task is to help the community and entrepreneurs to develop. If the companies are developed, the taxes will increase and absorb labour,” Hasan said.

The Indonesian trade ministry will push for cooperation agreements to increase horticultural exports including the one with the EU through the acceleration and completion of the Indonesia–European Union Comprehensive Partnership Agreement (IEU CEPA). 

“It is hoped that this trade negotiation will be completed in August. Once it is agreed, entrepreneurs will not have to pay import duties for horticultural products to the European Union,” Hasan said.