Indian agricultural company aims to foster sustainable livelihoods for 5m smallholder farmers 

Lawrencedale Agro Processing India (Leaf), an India-based sustainable agriculture company, is extending its reach to the 5m smallholder farmers in the remote regions of the Eastern Ghats, specifically in Lambasingi and Chintapalli areas of Andhra Pradesh. 


Leaf has worked in the Western Ghats for more than a decade 

Leaf aims to transform the agricultural landscape of these regions, fostering sustainable livelihoods and economic resilience for marginalised smallholder farmers. This latest effort builds on more than a decade work in the Western Ghats, which has already improved the livelihoods of 1.5m farmers across India.  

“Our mission is to bring meaningful and sustainable improvements to the lives of tribal farmers who rely on marginal and small-hold farmland,” said Palat Vijayaraghavan, founder and chief executive of Leaf.  

“The pristine reserve areas of the Eastern Ghats need preservation, and we are committed to supporting these communities through innovative agricultural practices that also address climate change.”  

Leaf employs comprehensive strategies including sustainable agricultural development programmes, financial inclusion services, and value chain services. Each initiative is specifically tailored to address the unique challenges faced by farmers, ensuring sustainable livelihood improvements.  

Central to Leaf’s mission is the promotion of climate-resilient agricultural practices. The company’s Digitised Agricultural Extension Services provide farmers with access to advanced knowledge and techniques that enhance soil regeneration, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and ensure the production of high-quality, safe-to-consume harvests.  

“Our goal is to empower farmers with the tools and knowledge they need to cultivate their lands sustainably and profitably. By implementing environmentally sustainable practices, we not only improve farmers’ productivity but also make a significant contribution to combating climate change,” Vijayaraghavan said. 

Leaf recognises the critical role of financial stability in sustainable development and climate resilience. The company offers a range of financial inclusion services designed to make farmers creditworthy, enabling them to invest in sustainable farming practices and necessary equipment. According to Leaf, this financial empowerment is key to fostering long-term economic resilience and environmental stewardship among marginalised farmers.  

“Financial inclusion is a cornerstone of our strategy,” Vijayaraghavan said. “By providing access to financial services and improving farmers’ creditworthiness, we enable them to make necessary investments to enhance both productivity and sustainability.”  

Leaf’s holistic approach aims to deliver health and well-being not only to farming communities but also to consumers, by ensuring that produce reaching the market is of the highest quality and safe to consume. Leaf also supports public health initiatives and contributes to the overall well-being of society.