Following its recent market debut, Italy’s most popular apple brand is making a name for itself among buyers in the region

Melinda's Enjoy apple packaging

Melinda’s Enjoy apple packaging

Apple brand Melinda continues to develop a larger presence in Asia following its debut in the region in late 2020.

In partnership with Naturitalia, one of Italy’s largest fresh produce exporters, the company is making steady progress as it attempts to become the market leader for traditional and licensed apple varieties out of Italy.

Key to achieving that goal is a strategy that targets major retailers in some of Asia’s most important markets.

As Nautritalia’s export coordinator and marketing R&D manager Augusto Renella explains, the quality, origin, and sustainability of Melinda apples have started to win over customers in the region.

One variety, called Enjoy, has already proven a hit with buyers in Singapore, where it is now sold online and in stores, in distinctive tube packs, by the country’s largest supermarket chain NTUC FairPrice.

In neighbouring country Malaysia, varieties Enjoy, Morgana, and Tessa have gone on sale.

In Hong Kong too, a full campaign of licensed club varieties as well as non-licensed varieties like Red Delicious, Golden Delicious and Granny Smith have secured shelf space in ParknShop, one of the region’s two major food retail chains.

And Melinda-branded apples are also reaching retail customers in Thailand.

“Our aim is to be the point of reference for Italian apples in Asia,” says Renella. “Hong Kong and Singapore are very much acting as the shop window for our brand, which hopefully means other buyers in the region will see it and appreciate its quality.”