Italian consortium seizes opportunity to boost its produce portfolio with the development of another exclusive club variety

Melinda ABCz Morgana Ernesto Seppi Willem Broux

Melinda president Ernesto Seppi (left) shakes on the deal with ABCz director Willem Broux

Italian apple consortium Melinda has obtained the exclusive rights to produce and sell bicoloured apple variety Kizuri, which is marketed under the Morgana brand in Europe.

The rights, which were previously held by Belgian license holder ABCz, have been sub-licensed directly by Melinda to existing producers Krings in Germany, FruitMasters in the Netherlands, BelOrta in Belgium, and Gedenryds Frukt in Sweden.

The new agreement gives Melinda the role of overall director of the Morgana brand. This means it is now responsible for the project’s management and expansion, marketing activities, and technical operations.

“For some time the consortium has invested decisively in new varieties to strengthen the presence of Melinda in the Italian and international markets”, explains Melinda president Ernesto Seppi. “The new agreement will allow us to coordinate better all the strategies around this much appreciated variety in Europe.”

Melinda’s apple offer includes a number of other branded varieties including Dolcevita, Evelina, Renetta and SweeTango.

Morgana’s intense red tone with hints of yellow have made it popular in several markets. It is also said to offer strong juiciness and significant crunch, two things particularly appreciated by consumers. Originally developed by Belgian breeder Better3Fruit, its long shelf-life means it can in theory be marketed for 12 months of the year.

The chosen brand name was apparently linked to the apple’s organoleptic characteristics and refers for example to Fata Morgana, a kind of mirage, to underline the fruit’s juiciness and freshness.