Chinese fruit exporter commemorates milestone with employees, partners, and stakeholders from across China

Onedayone celebrations

Leading Chinese fruit and vegetable exporter Onedayone Group has celebrated its twentieth anniversary at the company’s headquarters in Yantai, Shandong province.

The event drew together employees, partners, and stakeholders from across China and commemorated the company’s milestone under the theme ‘Grateful for our journey together, collaborating towards a bright future’.

Assistant chief executive, Xue Lei said the anniversary served as a reflection of Onedayone’s evolution from its humble origins to today.

“Reaching this historic milestone fills us with immense pride. Our journey from inception to now has been marked by challenges and triumphs alike, shaping us into the company we are today. Our growth is a testament to the dedication and resilience of every individual involved,” said Xue.

“In a rapidly changing environment, maintaining enduring business relationships and a motivated workforce presents ongoing challenges. However, we cultivated steadfast partnerships that endure the test of time. Our commitment to long-term partnerships has been key in achieving this. We prioritise trust, reliability, and mutual benefit, allowing us to sustain these valuable connections over time.”

More than 50 suppliers and partners and comprising approximately 200 attendees came together for the celebrations many with over a decade of collaboration with Onedayone.

“Our partnership has weathered various business cycles, underscoring the importance of shared values and sustainability in our endeavours,” remarked one participant.

Onedayone has been at the forefront of developing Chinese exports to Middle Eastern and European markets, an achievement Xue said the company owes much to the steadfast support of partners and employees alike.

Onedayone said with continued backing and collaborative spirit it is poised to further enhance lives through its consciously sourced produce.