NZ Apple Envy POS Display Mid Autumn Festival

New Zealand-grown Envy apples will take centre stage in key Asian markets during the upcoming Mid-Autumn festival thanks to a new promotional campaign.

Coordinated by T&G Global, the integrated marketing campaign will aim to encourage consumers to celebrate full moon festivities with Envy apples.

T&G Global’s head of marketing, Rebecca Chapman, said Envy apples are a natural fit for the gifting occasion.

“Envy apples fit perfectly with gifting occasions due to their large size, beautifully balanced sweetness and fresh aroma - elevating what an apple can be. Our latest brand campaign promotes sharing the ultimate apple experience with your loved ones throughout the festive holiday,” Chapman explained.

“We’re collaborating with key opinion leaders and micro influencers in the Asian market to showcase how to celebrate with Envy apples. In combination with other social media activations, we’re expecting to reach more than 5.6m people.”

The campaign will include eye-catching point of sale displays and special premium packaging in key Asian markets including Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia.

“We have produced special edition, premium Envy gift boxes to support the Mid-Autumn festivities. The beautifully presented cases match the premium attributes of our apples and are already hugely popular with festival fans.”

After a sell-out season last year, the Envy brand continues to be a standout performer from New Zealand.

“Globally, there’s incredible appetite for Envy. Independent research has forecast that we need at least another 25m TCEs by 2030 to meet potential consumer demand, especially in China, Vietnam, Thailand and the US,” noted Chapman.