Peruvian customs data shows Ozblu Magica received the best price for the 2023 Peruvian blueberry season

Industry data published by Peruvian customs (Qeneto SAC) has revealed blueberry variety Ozblu Magica achieved the best price for the 2023 Peruvian blueberry season. 

Ozblu Magica blueberries

Ozblu Magica blueberries

The data showed Ozblu Magica achieved US$7.64 per kg FOB, followed by Driscoll’s Arana variety at US$6.28 per kg and Fall Creek’s exclusive club variety Sekoya Pop, at US$5.90 per kg. When measured at an overall farm level, Family Tree Farms came out on top with its Jumbo offer, however, no varietal breakdown was provided.

Roger Horak, executive chairman and founder of United Exports, welcomed the results at the start of the 2023 Ozblu Global Growers Conference in June.

“I am delighted with this result, in terms of the price achieved at a farm level, but equally delighted with the yields we are achieving with Ozblu Magica – in excess of 40 tonnes per hectare. Not only is this variety premium in terms of achieving price, when it comes to yield per hectare, one can see why producers love it,” said Horak. 

“It takes many years of hard work and extensive investment in R&D to deliver the quality and consistency our customers expect and will pay for.”

Speaking on plans to expand plantings Horak said the right approach was needed to protect the variety.

“We have spent the past five years successfully defending our intellectual property, and will continue to do so. One can see from this data why people are prepared to risk stealing this kind of plant-based IP,” said Horak.

“We will only expand with trusted partners who prioritise quality – front and centre. Results like these are only achieved through significant investment and lots of hard work.”